DI GROW Green  
- Growth Booster
Use during the growing stage...

Contains chelated micro-nutrients and bio-stimulants, to help lessen or nullify minor deficiencies in plants
Have a tremendous effect on seed germination, root development, and general growth
Greatly increase cell division and elongation, producing greener, lusher plants that translate into higher yields during fruit and flower production
Increases the rate of photosynthesis in the leaves and stimulate nutrient absorption by plant roots
Stimulates and enhances growth of roots, stem and leaves

Restores unhealthy plants back to health

Boosts plant immunity and resistance to deceases

Prevent premature of dropping of leaves, buds, flowers and fruits

Shortens the time at which harvesting begins

Gradually improves soil physical properties

Increases shelf life/storage period of harvest

Increases nutrient absorption by plants

Increases seed germination

Strengthens plant roots and prevents them from rotting or decaying.

Promotes chlorophyll formation.
Soaking (Seed, Stem)
All seeds can be soaked. Soaked seeds should be immediately planted. Stems like sugarcane, Cassava.

Soaking Duration ( for Seeds) :

30 minutes for seeds with soft coat, e.g. Beans, Maize
24 hours for seeds with hard coat, e.g. Rice

Dosage (Seeds) :

45 ml of D.I Grow Green in 15 litres of water

Soaking duration (Stems)

15 minutes

Dosage (Stems)

45 ml of D.I Grow Green in 15 litres of water

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Spray the mixed fertilizer evenly on the leaves, stem and root area. It can be applied to all kinds of plants whose leaves are easily accessible.

Tips for effectiveness :

Avoid using under hot sun or when it is about to rain/drizzle
Apply before 9:30am or after 5:30pm for better results
Repeat application if it rains with in 6 hours after spraying.
If mixed with pesticides the dose of D.I.Grow should be doubled
The remaining mixture after spraying should be flushed on the soil. Do not keep the mixture for the next day. i.e. use all at a given spraying.
Usage methods


This method is applied for plants who leaves are too high to be accessed. It involves making holes around the plant/tree. I can be applied on Pawpaws, Avocado, Mangoes, Jack Fruit, etc.
Procedure :
Make four holes around the plant/tree. 2 besides the plant, 1 at the front, and another at the back.
Each hole should be about ½ ft deep. (You can use an auger or hoe).
The distance from the stem to the tree should be about 1 ft.

Dosage :

25 ml of D.I.Grow in one litre of water
Pour 250 ml of above mixture in each of the 4 holes
Apply once in 30 days.

Injection (Banana only)

This is a method used only on Banana.
Procedure :
Using an injection take 5ml of concentrated fertilizer.
Press as through you are injecting with injection facing upward in order to remove any air.

Rate :

Apply 5ml of concentrated DI Grow Green once every 30 days per banana stem before flowering.

Drilling method (for big trees)

This is done on the trees with hard stem with 30 cm diameter and above, e.g palm trees.
Procedure :
Drill a hole in the stem about 1mt from the ground at the 45 degrees.
The whole should be approximately 1/3 of the diameter of the tree stem.
Get a PVV pile twice the length of the hole & cut the tip as shown in the diagram
Fit the PVC pipe in the drilled hole at 45degree with cut tip facing upwards.
Pour anf dill the mixed D.I Grow in the pvc pipe.
Cover the pipe with a polythene or stopper.

Dosage :

Pour 1 teaspoon full (5mls) in the PVC pile then fill with water. Or mix 750 ml in 15 litres & fill each PVC pipe (50 mls/1 lt of water).
Apply once in 30 days.

Root Infusion method

This is a method used only on Banana.

Procedure :
Dig around the tree for 2 healthy roots (relatively young)
Cut off the tips of the roots
Immerse them in separate polythenes of mixed D.I Grow and tie with strings
Cover lightly with soil, preferably that without stones

Dosage :

Mix 50 ml of D.I Grow in litre of water
Root Infustion

DI Grow Green 250 ml
DI Grow Green 400 ml
1 Liter
DI Grow Green 4 liters
4 liters
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