Flower & Fruit enhancer Flower & Fruit enhancer

Increases yield up to 50%

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D.I. Grow is ORGANIC PLUS Obtained from the most researched weed called Acadian Seaweed, contains both macro and micro plant nutrients & has growth hormones. D.I Grow, therefore is just not a organic but ORGANIC PLUS.

World Class Product D.I.Grow is being used in 42 countries across the world. Now it is Creating wonders in India.

D.I Grow is one of the world's finest quality organic fertilizer manufactured by Dynapharm Associate, Malaysia. All fertilizer produced by the company are professionally formulated to provide solutions for growth problems caused by lack of nutrients, high or low PH, poor soil structure, water retention capacity among other factors.
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Comprehensive Fertilizer
D.I.Grow is a comprehensive fertilizer, maximizes plants to absorb all essential nutrients (macro and micro)
Growth Stimulant: Enhances vegetative growth, simulates blooming and fruiting.Prevents premature dropping of leaves,flowers, buds and fruits

Soil Conditioner (amends soil) : Gradually corrects the soil deficiencies

Safe and effective (Eco friendly) : Purely organic and non toxic (Not poisonous)
Nutrients : Completer and well balanced minerals - macro (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and micro (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, B, Cl) nutrients.

Hormones: Growth Stimulating essence - Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytoknins

Humic Acid : This contains high concentration of carbon- strengthens plant growth, assists in nutrients absorption and improves soil quality. See Advantages of Humic Acid

Contains plant based plant growth hormones that can't be part of any inorganic fertilizer and not found in any ordinary organic fertilizer.

Other Advantages of D.I. Grow
Elements are in the form of ions, therefore can be easily absorbed

Suitable for all kinds of plants

Compatible and mixable with pesticides or fungicides

Supports 5 methods of application / usage, Soaking, Spraying, Flushing, Injection, & Rooot infusion
Features of D.I. Grow
Maximizes nutrient absorption to plants

Prevents premature dropping of leaves, flowers, buds and fruits

Encourages abundant flowering and fruiting

Increases yield rate of up to 50%

Saves cost up to 20% - 30%. Environment friendly.
Why the 'Acadian Seaweed' as the base of D.I. GROW
It is the most researched Seaweed, therefore information about the potential of the weed is available

Acadian Seaweed is has antitoxins that make it resistant to fungal and bacterial infections.

It has plant growth stimulating hormones

It has both the macro and micro nutrients
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DIGrow Team

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Advantages of DIGROW over OTHER Organic Fertilizers

From fresh Acadian Seaweed

No bad smell

Other Organic Fertilizers

From dead material


Bad smell

Foliar (spray) fertilizer is effective to compared to Granular Fertilizer

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